Commercial Emergency Disaster Planning

We work with commercial property and business owners to develop emergency disaster preparedness plans.

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Emergency Disaster Planning Service

If you own a commercial property and would like to speak with the professionals to develop a preparedness plan, Restore Master offers this service. We will come out to your place of business or commercial property and work with you and your team to create an emergency disaster plan that can be utilized during an emergency.

This plan may include the following:

  • Who are your list of contacts?
  • Locating your water and gas shut-offs
  • Gate Codes for access during an emergency
  • Parking instructions
  • Contacting the appropriate personal

Having more knowledge about your business structure or commercial property can put you steps ahead when disaster hits. You may save yourself extensive, costly repairs by knowing exactly where the water valve is, for example, so you are able to turn your water off immediately. Whether you are in the midst of a water damage emergency or just looking to be prepared and gain some peace of mind in case disaster strikes, Restore Master would love to help. Costs for this service will vary depending on the scope of the plan.

If you have an immediate disaster that needs attention you can call us at 602-357-0028.

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