Commercial Mold Remediation and Removal

We offer commercial mold remediation and removal to the entire Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas.

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Full Service Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold is fungus which naturally grows on damp or wet environments and although Arizona is known for its warm, dry climate it is still common to experience this fungus in your home or business. If left untreated, mold can cause rot which can affect your building structure. It can also produce myotoxins which can harm your health. One may experience allergies, asthma or headaches. This can create a toxic work environment which is not suitable for your business and the health of those around you. Because mold is a toxic substance, only a trained and certified technician should attempt to remove it.

Restore Master specializes in commercial mold remediation and can safely remove this unwanted contaminant. We take preventative measures to safely remove the mold and seal the areas to prevent future growth and follow the standards set forth by the IICRC. We are your trusted, local experts when it comes to all things water and mold and we are standing by to assist you today! Contact us today to schedule a free inspection for your project!

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