Storm Damage Repair Services in Phoenix

We offer 24/7 storm damage repair to your home or business that may have been caused by a monsoon, wind, or hail.

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Storm Damage Repair

Living in Arizona, we are familiar with weather related storm damage from sudden wind storms, hail, and rain. Monsoon season can wreak havoc on your home, causing damage to your roof or even the structure of your home. If you are experiencing a storm related issue, Restore Master is here to help!

We are a full service restoration contractor who can help you through the entire restoration process from initial inspections, to working with insurance agents, to final repairs. Our services include water, fire, storm, mold damage restoration, and construction and repair.

Our goal is to provide you the highest level of service the industry has to offer. Our highly qualified and trained staff will help you through any disaster! We carry a wide range of certifications and licenses that will give you the peace of mind that you are working with a qualified restoration expert.

We do claim related roof inspections, most often caused from heavy wind or hail damage. One of our expert restoration team members will check to see if anything has been lifted, shifted, torn or moved on your roof as a result of the storm damage. From there, we will suggest the best course of action for resolving your roof problem. Additionally, immediate measure may need to be taken to address any water leaks on the roof as to avoid potentially worse water damage in the home. This could include emergency board up’s or any necessary water extraction.

During a storm damage related incident, we will also asses if there is any possibility of secondary damage from rain and heavy wind. This may include emergency tree removal in order to protect and support the structure and board it up if need be. If there is roof damage, a tarp may be necessary. We will make adjustments depending on the level of damage. Arizona storms can be sudden and costly to your home or business but our goal is to immediately calculate storm related damage and build plans for repairing any harm done to your structure.

Call us today at 602-357-0028 here in the greater Phoenix and surrounding area, we can have a trusted restoration expert to your property within 2 hours (for emergency situations).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have quick response times and our emergency technicians are familiar with the structural aspects of your home. Our team is empathetic, organized and prompt. We are certified to walk you through this process.

This all depends on your provider, but typically, when damage is sudden there will be some type of coverage. We are familiar with these policies and will walk you through the claims process.

It depends on what we are repairing. For instance, if you are dealing with flood damage as result of the storm we will provide water extraction and mitigation ourselves. The same for other service such as mold removal. Additionally, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor who can take care of most home repair. If we cannot do the work ourselves, we have a broad list of subcontractors we have built relationships with and trust.

If your roof has been damage by a wind or hail storm you should contact a restoration contractor who can visit your home or commercial property to do a roof inspection. From there, the contractor can give you a better idea if you need a full roof replacement or just a repair of a certain area.

If you have damage on your roof as a result of a wind or hail storm the cost can vary greatly depending the extent of the damage. If the damage is minimal you may only deep some basic roof repairs and for more extreme cases you may need a full roof replacement. A professional estimate will be able to assess your property and inform you on cost and level of repairs needed to your roof.

Yes, we offer tree removal service to residents of the greater Phoenix area. If a monsoon or wind storm has caused a tree to fall down on your property, call us to schedule an assessment of the problem. If the tree has landed on your roof or done other damage to the property, we will want to make sure that we are immediately addressing any possible secondary issues such as water damage from flooding.

Yes, we offer emergency board up and tarp services to our customers. To learn more about our emergency disaster restoration service, click here.

One major concern would be If you you have a leak on roof that could cause additional water damage in your home. Water damage that is left untreated can lead to environmental factors such as mold developing in your home. If you believe that your roof has a leak, contact a water damage restoration contractor to evaluate the problem.

Yes, we offer full service water removal and restoration services. We are certified water remediation experts and we can assist with any water damage you have as a result of flooding or storm damage. 

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