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Top 5 Factors in Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company

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Dealing with a water disaster at your home or business can be overwhelming and choosing the right water damage restoration company to restore your property is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. The company that you select will be trusted with restoring your home and valuables and it’s of the the utmost important to work with a company that is trustworthy and reliable.

We have put together a few very important things to look for that may make the process easier for you.

1 – Training and Certifications

Look for employees that are trained, certified and complete ongoing industry training. Certifications such as water restoration technician certification (WRT), asbestos training (ADHERA) and mold certifications are important to have. A company should adhere to all standards set forth by restoration governing bodies such as the IICRC.

2 – Licensed General Contractor

When you are experiencing a disaster that requires a major remodel, you want to know your contractor is licensed and trusted. When it comes to your home or business, you need contractors that understand the structural side of restoration. We offer a two year labor and workmanship guarantee on our general contracting services.

3 – Bonded and Insured

If you choose to work with a company that is not properly bonded and insured, you could be putting your project at major risk. This is such an important thing to look for when choosing a restoration company.

4 – Updated Equipment

A company that does not have up to date equipment can be a major liability to you home and end up causing more damage than good. They should have top of the line equipment in great working order, giving you the peace of mind everything is being cleaned and restored properly.

5 – Client Communication

You as a client should be valued and respected. Communication at every step of the process is essential. If the company you are working with is falling short in their communication, what else are they missing?

Restore Master Offers Trusted and Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services!

We hope this article helps give you some practical advice for choosing a water restoration company. If you are experiencing a water damage disaster in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas please give us call today at 602-357-0028! We are A+ rated with the BBB and are licensed, bonded and insured. Additionally we carry a range of certifications and our employees are highly trained and certified to fix your water disaster.